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Cracking island is a platform composed by this website, deep web & desktop app.

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Why advertise with us?

Our community is growing and quickly becoming the world's leading cracking website. We have around 100,000 monthly visits and the number does not stop growing, since every day that record is broken. Cracking Island is experiencing exponential growth, improving day by day with new content, new features, reaching more users and much more, you can check our next steps on our roadmap.



Advertising with Cracking Island will boost your sales and give you high amount of profit, you can list your shop banners, sticky threads for getting clients.

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  • โœ… More then 100.000 views per month
  • โœ… Your ad will be shown on many places across the platform
  • โœ… Your ad will be shown on our social networks
  • โœ… Different combination of texts for the same ad
  • โœ… Personalized design
  • โœ… Update your ad text and images when you need

How this works?

  1. Balance budget | How much you want invest on this campaign?
  2. Daily budget | How much you want invest per day on this campaign?
  3. Each visualization cost 0.01 USD
  4. Each click cost 0.5 USD
  5. Example: If you have a daily budget 10 USD, your ad will have at least 1.000 views
  6. There are many places and websites where your ad will be shown, thus your ad doesn't have any specific place to appear, it shows randomly
  7. Each visualization and click on your ad has a cost, and that cost will be reduced from your daily and total budget

Special Ads & Special places

If you want the best visibility for your ad, our recommendation is contact us for special ads.

Special ads means for instance, some specific banner on the index page at the top, show your ad on some particular islands or archipelago or any other idea that you have in mind

If you have some question or inquiry please, contact us:



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